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Welcome to No Bullying Schools

What does it mean to be a “No Bullying School?”  Tom Thelen, Founder of No Bullying Schools, tells the story of how he was bullied as a student and how he got help from a trusted adult, his English Teacher, Mrs. Burdick.  Discover the behind-the-scenes story of what it means to be a No Bullying School!


Episode 1 of 5 – "How to Respond to Bullying"

Tom Thelen, founder of No Bullying Schools, and Jordan Carson, Mental Health Speaker, discuss the definition of bullying and how to respond to bullying incidents.  Discover the secret of mental health and resiliency in our first episode of No Bullying Schools.  After watching, use our PDF Discussion Guide to debrief with your students, so they can apply the message in their lives. 

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