Founder of No Bullying Schools

Tom Thelen is one of America’s top anti-bullying speakers and the author of “Victimproof: The Student’s Guide to End Bullying.” He has spoken at over 500 schools and conferences around the world with a message on bullying prevention and positive school culture. As a student, Tom was bullied and he became a victim, but thanks to one teacher he learned how to break free from the bullying cycle. Tom and his wife Casie have four children, and they have witnessed the bullying epidemic firsthand. In creating No Bullying Schools, Tom’s goal is to provide America’s first research-based bullying prevention program that is easy to use both at school and at home. He has been interviewed on NBC, CBS, FOX, and PBS. Interested in booking Tom to speak at your event? Visit his website to learn more: https://tomthelen.com.


Director of Research

Dr. Mildred Peyton earned her Ph.D. from Walden University with a dissertation on “Exploring the Meaning of School Bullying Among Parents of Victimized Children.” She also holds a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Bowie State University. As a mother of two, Dr. Peyton cares about the roles parents and families play in helping to reduce bullying in schools. This led to the publishing of two children’s books on bullying. Look for “A Bully on the School Bus” and “Sophia Writes to Her Bully” on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble. Dr. Peyton is passionate about developing bullying solutions that make a positive impact in schools and in homes.


Program Consultant

Dr. Elliot Kagan is a graduate of Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, Yeshiva University. As a School Psychologist and New York State Licensed Psychologist, Dr. Kagan specializes in clinical treatment and school based services. He serves as the Olweus Bullying Program Co-Coordinator for Suffern Middle School in Suffern, New York, where he works as a school psychologist. Dr. Kagan worked closely with Tom Thelen to develop a bullying policy that made a clear distinction between bullying, negative behavior, and peer conflict. He also led the effort to provide examples of evidence-based interventions for preventing bullying and promoting a positive school culture. Dr. Kagan is passionate about finding solutions that support kids, families, educators, and ultimately, entire school systems.


Evidence Based Research

Dr. Kimberley Hooge received her PhD in Psychology focusing in Cognitive Neuroscience from Rice University in 2015. Along with her research consulting work, she is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher and Lecturer at the University of Texas at Dallas and an Associate Faculty member at Collin College. Her research interests include visual processing and perception, Gestalt principles as applied to vision, and illusions. Dr. Hooge works with No Bullying Schools to analyze the data collected from our International Research Study. Her goal is to use the data as a continuing measurement of our Evidence-Based Practices.


Research Consultant

Paul Vespo is a School Psychologist at Lincoln Hall Boys’ Haven in New York. Paul graduated from the school psychology graduate program at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York. Prior to this, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology with a minor in sociology from SUNY Purchase. When Paul was a middle and high school student, he experienced verbal aggression and bullying, but thankfully he got help from his school counselors and from the school psychologist. This positive experience changed his life and propelled him toward the field of psychology. Paul works with the team at No Bullying Schools to implement evidence-based interventions for preventing bullying and for developing a positive school climate.


Program & Technical Developer

Cameron Versluis is the owner of the Grand Rapids-based web design company, Emberly Digital. Cameron specializes in user experience design. He is also an avid mental health advocate and writer. As the Program and Technical Developer for No Bullying Schools, Cameron provides empathy-oriented, user-centric design. His goal is to provide a premium experience for all students and teachers using the program. In addition to user experience design, Cameron focuses on meeting school's programming needs. He strives to connect schools with curriculum and technical resources that serve students and parents. With a personal story of overcoming mental health challenges, Cameron is passionate about helping students become resilient and healthy.


Lead Web Developer

Manish Mittal is the Lead Web Developer for No Bullying Schools and the CEO and of OpenSource Technologies Inc., headquartered in Pennsylvania. He holds a Bachelor of Technology from the University of Hertfordshire, London. Manish and his team are responsible for developing the backend software, data analytics, and the “Easy Reports” sections of NoBullyingSchools.com. His software development for No Bullying Schools plays a critical role, allowing schools to monitor bullying incidents and track school culture in real time. As a user-centric developer, Manish is passionate about solutions that are both effective and user friendly.


Program Consultant

Thomas D. Loudon received his M.A. in School Counseling from Johnson State College. Along with his consulting work, he is a licensed k-12 School Counselor in Vermont. Thomas is also the Founder of Snowy Owl Tutoring, PLC, Vermont’s premiere virtual education company, providing high quality, convenient and affordable academic, career and social emotional assistance to students and schools across the country. Mr. Loudon worked with the team at No Bullying Schools to refine the program’s Positive Action Plan, including “IDEA,” which is an innovative process for reporting, investigating and educating students on how to replace negative behavior with positive actions.


Event Coordinator

Kelli Masacek is the Event Coordinator for No Bullying Schools. Kelli graduated from the University of South Carolina with a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. As a mother of four, she has been very active as a PTA Member and volunteer at her children’s schools. Her experience allows her to understand the needs of schools, and to provide smooth communication throughout the booking process. Learn more about our Evidence Based Bullying Curriculum, Anti-Bullying School Assemblies, Parent Programs, and Teacher Trainings by contacting Kelli at 616-987-0444 or email her at [email protected].