Dramatically reduce bullying at your school with bullying reporting software.

Allow students to report bullying incidents

Assign bullying incidents to school counselors or staff

Implement research-based interventions to deal with each incident

Access charts and graphs to show bullying reduction over time

Are you a student who has been bullied or witnessed bullying? Report it here!

Download the App on Android and iOS

The “Report Bullying” App by No Bullying Schools is now available as a free download in the Apple App Store or in Google Play. That said, the app only works if your school is a member of NoBullyingSchools.com. Students, parents, and educators can use the app to report bullying incidents, and an automatic email alert will be sent directly to your school administrators. If your school participates in No Bullying Schools, download the free app today.

NoBullyingSchools is a revolutionary new software program that helps reduce bullying.

Our software helps students, school administrators, parents, and school staff work together to reduce bullying on their campus. Students can report bullying on the website using their computer or mobile phone. School administrators can assign the bullying report to a school counselor or teacher. Once the report has been assigned, research-based interventions will be suggested by the program. Your school counselor can put these interventions into practice to deal with the bullying situation in an empathetic, healthy way. We’ve designed this software to make everyone’s lives easier.

Student Reporting

Students can report bullying on the website using their computer or mobile phone. They can report anonymously or with a user account.

Evidence Based Interventions

Includes a Bullying Intervention Guide for your School Counselors with best practices for Evidence Based Interventions.

Incident Charts & Graphs

Access online reports to see how bullying at your school has decreased over time and to show how every case has been handled.

Assign and Manage Reports and Cases

When a student reports bullying, School Administrators and Counselors get an automatic email alert. Administrators can login to our secure software and investigate the report, or assign it to another Administrator which triggers a new email alert. You can elevate a Report to a “Case,” which is a flexible tool for saving multiple reports, student files, screen shots, confirmed incidents, IEP Notes, and the student’s own “Positive Action Plan.”

Annual Bullying Report Charts

Since every report over the course of the school year is logged, it’s easy to see how the program decreases bullying in the school over time. As evidence-based interventions are utilized by school counselors, teachers, and staff, bullying in the school will begin to decrease. This will mean less reports filed by students, which can be viewed on annual charts.

Annual charts are useful to show concrete evidence that your school is handling bullying effectively. Parents, district superintendents, and school staff can see that every incident is handled, and that bullying is being reduced over time.

Reports by Location and Behavior

Part of knowing how to address bullying in an individual school is understanding where it most frequently occurs. Since our reports specify the location within a school and the type of behavior, it’s easy to see this information. With Reports by Location, counselors and teachers can see what locations in the school require more frequent supervision. And with Reports by Behavior, it’s easy to see what types of bullying (physical, cyberbullying, emotional bullying, etc) are most prevalent, so that interventions can be targeted appropriately.

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VICTIMPROOF is an anti-bullying curriculum focused on helping students to overcome the “victim” mentality and deal with bullying situations. This is a comprehensive social-emotional learning curriculum geared for upper elementary through early high school.

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